Midwest High Reach

Midwest High Reach

“Craft Partners has been a trusted advisor for many years. They were singularly focused on helping me achieve my objectives, and offered honest advice and strong advocacy throughout the sale process. We were very satisfied with the process from start to finish. I recommend them highly.”

Rob Snook

Above & Beyond Equipment Rentals has been acquired by Sunbelt Rentals

Above & Beyond Equipment Rentals

“I developed a relationship with Craft Partners over a number of years, well before I was ready to sell. They provided honest, thoughtful advice along the way and were always mindful of my long-term goals and objectives. When the time did come to sell they were the obvious and logical choice for me.  Craft ran a professional process from start to finish and we ultimately closed with a strong, strategic buyer. We were very satisfied with the process and the result. I highly recommend Craft Partners to any business owner interested in a professional sale process.”

Joseph Hill

AC Power

AC Power

“We wanted an investment banker that could articulate our growth story to potential buyers and achieve a valuation that reflected our potential, not just our past performance. Craft told our story expertly and with great enthusiasm and integrity. We ultimately came to terms with a private equity backed strategic buyer under a structure that provided fair consideration up front and the potential for even more based on future performance. Craft structured the transaction to align our interests with the buyer, a buyer that proved to be the perfect match with the capital and expertise to execute our shared growth strategy.”

Greg Mayberry

RP Services & Rentals

RPM Services & Rentals

“Our company operated in the oil & gas region of South Louisiana which was in a cyclical downturn. We needed an advisor that could communicate the strength of our core onshore industrial markets and attract the right kind of long term investor. Craft was an enthusiastic advocate who worked honestly and diligently on our behalf. They identified the type of buyer we were looking for, negotiated a favorable valuation, and worked the process step-by-step until closing. They certainly earned my respect.”

Terry Gold, President & CEO, RPM Services & Rentals

I&L Rentals

“I&L Rentals was the largest company of its type on the Hawaiian Islands. We needed an advisor that could communicate the unique but compelling aspects of doing business in our geography. Craft told our story expertly and professionally and ultimately delivered several high quality potential buyers. I would highly recommend Craft to any business owner contemplating a professional sale process.”

Ira Mendelsohn, Managing Member, I&L Rentals

LeMans Body Shop

“LeMans has been in our family for three generations and we are very proud of our company and our people. But the industry is changing rapidly and we felt it was time for us to pursue other interests. Craft Partners managed our sale process expertly and professionally. They certainly earned our respect and we were very pleased with the result.”

Kirk Beetley, CEO of LeMans Body Shop

Commercial Cleaning Systems

“We needed a sophisticated financial advisor who had the ability to maneuver through a complex set of issues that included multiple competing stakeholders. The principals of Craft Partners ran a comprehensive process and was able to work through the various challenges and ultimately achieved an extraordinary result for our company. Craft brought all the stakeholders together with integrity and great communication, creating a transaction that worked for everybody. I can’t say enough good things about Craft Partners and would highly recommend them as professional representation for any transaction.”

Troy Coker, CEO of Commercial Cleaning Systems

Pioneer Offroad Rentals

“We were a fairly experienced group who wanted to grow our company and capitalize on some of our success. The principals of Craft were open and forthright in their communications, gave sound guidance when required, and produced a solid confidential information memorandum that brought the right people to the table. We were very happy with whom we were exposed to, as well the final outcome. I would highly would recommend Craft, because they are knowledgeable, reliable, and deliver on their commitments.”

Harry Hoyer, President, Pioneer Offroad Rentals

Midwest Aerials Equipment

“I interviewed other investment bankers and was most impressed by Craft Partners’ energy and enthusiasm. They told our story in a very compelling way and ran a very effective marketing process. We were very satisfied with the result both from a valuation and structure perspective.”

Dan Tumminello, Former President and Shareholder, Midwest Aerials & Equipment

Stone Pump & Trench

“Our business carried multiple product lines and served different geographies. We needed a financial advisor with the experience and expertise to present our business on a consolidated basis and on a diversified product-by-product and location-by-location basis. The principals of Craft marketed our business in a creative, professional, and enthusiastic way that maximized valuation for the shareholders.”

Badge Stone, Former President, Stone Pump & Trench

Milwaukee High Reach

“The principals of Craft were a valued advisor during our sale process. They articulated our value proposition in a credible way to potential buyers and ultimately negotiated an attractive deal with a buyer that shared our culture.”

Mark Lancourt, Former President, Milwaukee High Lift, Inc. ,Madison High Lift, Inc.

Independent Aerial Equipment

“The principals of Craft Partners represented our company very well. They helped tell our story in an honest, convincing way and marketed the business very effectively. We exceeded our expectations. I would recommend them to any business owner interested in a professional sale process.”

Mike Rand, Former President, Independent Aerial Equipment

All Reach Equipment

“The principals of Craft articulated a detailed, credible growth strategy that attracted both financial investors and some of largest players in our industry. They managed what became a very competitive process and we were presented with several compelling options. We were ultimately able to achieve a valuation that far exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend Craft to any business owner considering exit alternatives or raising growth capital.”

Joseph Hill, former president and shareholder, All Reach Equipment

American Scissor Lift

American Scissor Lift

Above & Beyond Equipment Rentals

“Craft’s experience in the equipment rental industry and in asset based lending proved to be the ideal combination. They had a firm grasp of the debt capital markets and strong relationships and credibility with the lenders. We were able to significantly lower our cost of capital while increasing our financial flexibility. I highly recommend Craft to any equipment rental company contemplating refinancing.”

President, Above & Beyond Equipment Rentals

Pioneer Recycling Services

“We are very excited about this acquisition and the prospects for the future of the Company. The acquisition financing was critical to not only getting the deal closed but also positioning the Company for long term growth. Craft Partners identified multiple high quality prospective financing partners and helped us, as the Founders, to negotiate a very compelling capital structure.”

Steve Frank, CEO of Pioneer Recycling Services

Transamerican Auto Parts

“Our business model is unique and we needed a sophisticated financial advisor to tell our story and to raise the capital we needed. The principals of Craft demonstrated the required skill and experience and their relationships with investors got our deal done.”

Ken Cleveland, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Transamerican Auto Parts Company

Schwab Sales

“The principals of Craft were instrumental in getting our transaction completed. They identified a financial buyer, helped negotiate the transaction, and ran a competitive process to raise the debt capital for the buyer. I have and will continue to recommend Craft to other business owners and financial investors.”

Robert Schwab, Former President, Schwab Sales

Fat Burger

TNR Entertainment

Cascade Grain



“Craft came highly recommended by our counsel.  We needed an investment banking firm that was willing to work diligently to get us into market in a short amount of time.   It was a complex situation under some very trying circumstances.  Craft responded with great enthusiasm and ran a very effective sale process all the while communicating with a range of stakeholders with competing interests.  Craft was able to solicit several bids with different valuations and structures for our consideration.  We ultimately closed with a strategic buyer which provided the best overall valuation and structure for our stakeholders.”

Susan Steiny

Closet World

“My client required a sophisticated financial advisor with competency in both financial restructuring and raising capital as well as the flexibility to adapt to a very fluid situation. The principals of Craft managed the process very effectively in conjunction with the company’s management, communicating with adverse stakeholders in an effective manner yet insuring the integrity of the process while maximizing value. Craft was instrumental in creating a win-win transaction for the new lender, owner operator, and company management. I would recommend Craft for any client in need of goal oriented complex financial advisory services.”

Chris Reeder, outside corporate and litigation counsel, Home Organizers

Pacific High Reach

“I served as bankruptcy counsel to Pacific High Reach, which was a large equipment leasing company, in what was a very contentious chapter 11 bankruptcy case. The principals of Craft did an absolutely great job identifying prospective buyers, negotiating the $17.4 million sale price with Sunbelt Rentals, and assisting in the consummation of that sale. I would strongly recommend Craft for any investment banking engagement.”

Ron Bender – Managing Partner of Levene, Neale, Bender, Yoo & Brill L.L.P.

Proactive Packaging

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